A quick guide to bridal gown silhouettes...
Wedding Dress shopping can be a baffling and intimidating to begin with.  Most of us spend our time in casual clothes these days and it is difficult to work out the right dress for you from the huge array of designs, shapes and fabrics available.  And that dress that you love in the publicity shot,  just might not suit your shape. 
So for the uninitiated here is a quick  guide to  the basic shapes of bridal gowns and some tips on what shape typically suits each body shapes.  But do remember there are no hard and fast rules. Be prepared to try on dresses outside your comfort zone; you might just surprise yourself!

Features a fitted bodice through the waist, flares over the hips and to the ground.
Mark Lesley '7129'.  Size 14.  £700.

SUITS: All body Shapes

Ballgown/ Princess
Features a tightly fitted bodice and flares from the waist to a full skirt.
Demitrios '1485'.  Size 12.  £800

SUITS: All body Shapes.  Pears as disguises the hips. Not so good for petite brides as the volume as can overwhelm a small frame.

Mermaid/ Fishtail
Features a tightly fitted bodice through hip and thigh, flares close the knee.
White One 'Jadaria'.  Size 8/10.  £800.

SUITS: Slender body shapes and hourglass figures.
Not so good for Apples shapes and plus size.

Modified A-Line
Fitted over the bodice, through the waist and hips, falling gradually to the ground.


Size: 14   £600.  

SUITS: All body Shapes

Fitted through the body and hip and flares mid thigh.

Features a sleek shape flowing from the neck to the floor. Can have a lengthening effect on smaller frames.

SUITS: Slender frames and petite brides.  
Not so good for Apple or Pear shapes as can be unforgiving.